3 Outdoor Security Necessities for Summertime

Summer is the time for outdoor parties and cookouts. The evenings are long and light while extended vacations leave your home vacant. Unfortunately, it’s also the time for home break-ins and vandalism because burglars like summer too. Here are a few outdoor security solutions that help safeguard your property as well as family and visitors.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Smart security cameras are an excellent addition to your outside space. They alert you when there is activity outside, no matter where you are. Intelligent security cameras can also differentiate between objects, animals, or people.

Customize the system’s alerts to only notify you of the things that you want to monitor to cut down on unnecessary alerts for normal activity. Outside cameras also present as a warning to criminals that someone watches your property 24/7. They’ll steer clear of homes with security systems.

Install a Doorbell Camera

Criminals love to steal packages off of porches or ring doorbells to see if anyone is home. With a video doorbell, you have a video feed and two-way communication so you can always see who is at the door. Talk to visitors even if you’re at work or on vacation.

If you’re expecting a package and you’re up to your elbows shucking corn in the kitchen, you can talk to the delivery person right through the phone. Tell them where to leave the package and go out to get it once your done cooking.

Use Smart Lighting to Illuminate the Dark Areas

Every property has dark spaces, and burglars love to use these areas as hiding places. Security cameras or image sensors trigger lighting to come on in your yard when they sense motion. Any criminal casing your property will stay away once they see how bright your yard is. If you’re going on vacation, simply schedule your smart lighting to come on automatically after a certain time.

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