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Thinking Like An Intruder To Prevent A Break-in

Technological advancements in home security systems help deter criminals on a regular basis. However, there are some simple strategies you can use with them to reduce the chances of a home invasion. They’re very effective and quite easy to implement if you think like a burglar.

Never Make Your House Appear Empty Even if You’re Gone

Whether you’re gone for just the day or away on family vacation, burglars know the tell-tale signs of an empty home. No cars in the driveway, no sound or movement coming from the house, and no lights on represent an opportunity for a criminal.

Leave a tv or radio on for noise as well as leave some lights on in the house. Try not to let packages stack up on the porch or mail and newspapers pile up. Obviously, you can’t stay home from work to guard your home but alter your routine. You can leave early for work some days, and your spouse can leave later and vice versa.

Leaving Unlocked Windows and Doors is Just Asking for Trouble

Many people think that no burglar would ever be able to tell if they forgot to lock a door or window. Don’t leave it to chance because approximately one-third of break-ins are unlawful entries meaning burglars gained access through an open door or window.

A smart home security system with window and door sensors alerts you when a window or door is left open, and you can check the status of the alarm system using an app on your smartphone. You’ll never have to worry whether or not you set the alarm before you leave the house ever again.

Light Up Your Property and Keep Shrubbery Close to the House Maintained

Shrubbery and dark spaces near your house are excellent places for burglars to hide. Keep the bushes trimmed low and place motion lights around the property. Lighting deters criminal activity because everyone in the neighborhood can see the break-in as it occurs.

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About Avalarm Security

Step into the shoes of a criminal and look at your property from that point of view. Think of what makes a home easy to burglarize and then eliminate those problems to keep your family and home safe.

To learn more about smart home automation contact Avalarm Security. The team at Avalarm Security has been helping to secure the St. Louis, MO area for over 27 years. We provide customized residential and business security solutions.

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